Sunday, September 2, 2012

Drying Fruit...

I have LOTS of apples, plums and figs at the moment... and this year, I want to dehydrate the bulk of the fresh eating fruit. I will still make home made apple, pear and quince sauces though...

I'm actually dehydrating by the heat of the sun... which I must say, in my opinion, is far superior than by electronic means... besides it's ready available 'free' energy which is spectacular :)

Here's what the apples look like once solar dried - i'm keeping the skins on because they are much more flavorful that way. 

- Lamb Abbey Pearmaine Apples -


- Black Mission with Brown Turkey Figs -

The figs depending on how dry they are can taste rather full bodied or... crunchy if they are dried to a chip.

- French Prunes / Plums -

The plums are like fruit leather and very, very delicious... as in: shazam ! I have a soft spot for these and must remind myself that 5-6 bits /slices make about 1 whole fruit. 

It can go down real fast...
- YUM - 


  1. They all look so pretty and delicious! And I would think that sun drying would make them even better by adding it's own energy to them. It certainly looks like your trees are very productive and happy!


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