Sunday, July 8, 2012

Movies Starring Animals...

I've been finding some great movies lately that feature animals in a major role. These are not animated creatures- they are real ones !

Here are four recently viewed movies which in my opinion are high caliber films... highly recommended are:

 Duma, 2005
set in beautiful Southern Africa

When a cheetah pup's mother gets killed... little Duma makes his way to the freeway where he is rescued by a boy and his dad. Once Duma is grown, Xan makes good his promise to take Duma home. Its a beautiful journey both on the inside and out.

The Cave of Yellow Dog, 2005
set in scenic Mongolia

A nomadic family settles down in a new location however wolves are causing difficulties and hardship on their lifestyle and herd of sheep. Young Nansal wanders around the countryside and finds a young puppy that she brings home.  

 Touching Wild Horses, 2002
Set on Sable Island, Canada

After experiencing a traumatic event, young Mark has to stay with his aunt Fiona as his mother recovers from a serious car accident. Fiona is one of two people living on a small island studying wild horses. The wild horses draw them together as they work through their personal difficulties and heal their emotional wounds.

Hachi, A Dog's Tale, 2009
A true story from Japan
adapted & set in the usa

An akita puppy shows up in a Japanese monastery and is sent off to the USA. He turns up at a train station & when his cage door breaks open, he sets out to find himself a human companion. This is the story of his ordinary life with that ordinary human. When the owner suddenly dies, Hachi continues to go to the train station on a daily basis waiting for the day when his master will show up for him. He does... 10 years later.


  1. Those all look great Nicole! What do you think - should I get one box of Kleenex, or two?

  2. Two boxes just for the Hachi movie...

    omg- i still cried when i watched it the second time and then I just had to buy the movie so I know I'll be crying some more. It is -such- an incredible movie. You actually get to see scenes from the dog's point of view as well. Soooo well done... directed by Lasse Halstrom: Chocolat, Gilbert Grape, Cider House Rules...


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