Sunday, June 24, 2012

Even Squirrels and Chipmunks LOVE Apple Wood !

Every winter, Brizel4TheAnimals begins to sell organic fruit wood sticks pruned from my very own orchards. 

This year I needed to heavily prune my white mulberry tree so I researched to find out what critters might enjoy this type of wood. With the help of a bird enthusiast, BirdsInHand, I decided to offer the Mulberry wood in three different sizes to pet Bird owners. Funnily enough… almost all of it sold to Chinchilla owners- I was delighted none the less !

As in previous years, Brizel sold Apple, Pear & Quince wood chewer sticks. These are usually the kind of wood that rodent type pets enjoy very much. Rabbits, Chinchillas and Rat enthusiasts are happy to buy the wood sticks in bulk for their critters. By the time mid to late spring arrives i'm usually sold out.

When my friend Laura of Purrfectgifts wrote to me a couple or so weeks ago looking to acquire some apple wood... I sincerely thought I was out. I went venturing around Twilight looking for some when lo and behold I found exactly what she was looking for: a pile of seasoned apple wood !

Here's where it gets more interesting… she writes: 

"I'd love to buy some for a friend's little rescue-squirrel. Poor thing was born blind, has no eyes, not even eye holes, but otherwise he's perfect -- and he's a little bugger, that one! I love hearing about his exploits! He's been bottle fed (and spoilt rotten! LOL!) and she's talking about weaning him since he's eating lots of regular food now. This little guy is a real chewer, too, and he's gnawing on any sort of wood he can find in his cage. I asked her if the type of sticks you had would be good for him and she said they would be ideal."
"Oh, and his name is Alex Quatro, but he's known as Q, Quey, Baby Quey ('cos he's growing so BIG), and sometimes, 'You Little SHIT!' when he does something naughty! LOL! Oh, he's as cute as a minute, that one -- and he knows it! He doesn't realise he's blind, he gets around as if he were sighted, so I'm certain his other senses are all heightened to compensate. He's my little furry 'nephew' and I love to spoil him, too!"

So off i sent the bundle of seasoned apple wood and then received this newsflash: 

"Just got an e-mail from Sue, the sticks arrived today and Quey LOVES them!!! She said they've very long but she gave him one a little while ago and it's already half gone PLUS he's got all the bark off it! Bwahahaha! Chewy Quey! Thanks so much, you've made Baby Q and Sue very happy!"

 Alex Quatro - chewing apple wood

"Here are the piccies from this week's Monday Alex newsletter! Alex Q is the blind baby squirrel who's sniffing at the stick. Izzy (aka Izzadorable) Chipmonk is chewing away merrily on his. They both love those applewood sticks! Sue is thrilled! Thanks so much for making everyone so happy!"

Izzy the chipmunk also chewing apple wood

Dont you just LOVE a happy story ?
I know I do :)


  1. Alex and Izzy's mom SueJune 24, 2012 at 3:52 PM

    They love their apple sticks! Quey and Izzy would like to thank you with some nibbles on your fingers!

  2. Love this story! Yes, it's clear they are both enjoying those applewood sticks - the proof is in the pictures! It's wonderful that you take the time to make prunings available from your orchard so that animals can enjoy them - I'm sure it takes some time and care - and isn't it so nice to see how much your efforts are appreciated!


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