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The Journey through Custom Work... Hekate's Doorway

The Journey through Custom Work...

Silk Tapestry Altar Box

Hekate's Doorway

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of receiving a custom request for a special Silk Tapestry Art box. It was a compelling commission, not only because it was to be an altar box for a mighty and powerful Goddess: Hekate, but also because its theme was one that i had meditated on before.

Doorways, keyholes and keys as mythic symbols and as transformational tools for personal growth can often reveal that which lies on the thresh hold of our unconscious - a gateway for hidden fears and barriers. It is a journey of self empowerment... for those seeking to change their skill set and strength.

My patron wanted to have "a keyhole woven on the lid" and although i always do this on Silk Tapestry Table Rugs and Pouches- i had only done it once on a box before. Boxes tend to be too small in diameter and the yarn too thick for fine detailed work.

Brizel motifs are often circular in nature - usually moons, suns & spirals too- but i've also made eyes which begin as a circle but then 'square' off on two 'sides' in order to create the desired peaked oblongs. I've also stood up an oblong vertically to create a yoni. Crescent moons happen once i've made a circle, then i'll continue with a white, cream or gray to create the crescent. Its demanding work on the hands but exhilarating to be the creatrix of such sacred symbols.

The keyhole in Hekate's Doorway also began as a circle but then needed to 'grow' from one end to create the keyhole shape... then square it off for the key plate... then return it to a circular shape in order to create the lid. A nice free-form challenge.

Since Hekate's "common color associations are deep purple, black, and orange" I proposed to make the keyhole and rims to the box & lid with an orange/tangerine with a spark of red… and the main colors: black, vibrant purple and midnight blue. It was a successful combination...

Hekate's Doorway was also different because it is only the second box which I've created with three strands of yarn (rather than two). The goal was to create a larger box for altar use and since Hekate's optimal number is three- it was a perfect match. Hekate's Doorway is the largest Silk Tapestry Art Box I've made to date: it measures 4.5" in diameter x 3 3/8" high with an interior box of 3 1/2" in diameter x 3" high. Its raw silk weight is roughly 5.2 oz (148 g) - that's a total of one and a half skeins of silk sari yarn !

Lastly... the embellishments. My client had written "Because She (Hekate) travels at night, a Moon sewn onto the inside of the lid would delight me as well as the contents of the box! Any phase of the moon is fine." When I sat down to meditate on this project - I envisioned both a crescent moon and a full moon on this altar box. What felt right to me from the onset was to embellish the main body of the box and to place such imagery on its sides opposite each other. That way the moons would be surrounded by colors of the night sky. I had the perfect buttons too...

Hekate's Doorway was begun two days before Dark Moon... working 3 hrs both nights and completed on the morning of Dark Moon's climax. It was a three phase creative process... indeed... it was a divine experience and it was a privilege to serve the needs of a spiritual sister.

I am pleased to report that my patron was delighted with the outcome… her official feedback reads: "Photos and words fall short of the excellent product and practice of this shop. I am very impressed and happy to recommend Brizel4TheAnimals custom handmade goods. Nicole creates with intent, consciousness, and OOAK talent. Deep Thanks."

(contented sigh) Life is good !

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  1. Patron: You captured my vision wholly in this box. I have enjoyed it so much, and still, it surprises.

    One feature of the box's utility is this... Because the box was sewn in a spiral pattern, as I meditate with it in chant, I gently spin it round in time & rhyme. The Moons, crescent and full, are positioned on either side. When the chant is complete, like a dial, I rest the keyhole's direction in the proportion to the Moon phase. This practice has become a delightful use for the box, focusing the energy at each use.

    Thank you Nicole- Life is good indeed...! ((grin))


  2. How beautiful Nicole, and very magical as are all your creations! Love, Lisa


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