Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrating Brigid...


St Brigid's eve and day has come and gone but Imbolc - the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox is still very much upon us. Happy Imbolc to all who celebrate !

I am still very much in process with this year's Brigid retreat as i have been incorporating both its spiritual ceremonies and my usual mundane activities into my daily schedule and routines. This is a first for me because in the past there was usually 2 to 3 days set aside for the event. But this year is different... I am doing the work alone, and so i have been baby stepping through the rhythms of the past in a new and different way.

Because Brigid is a solar divinity- sun days prove to be the perfect days to honor Her. This sunday, I'd like to share with you- not only the apple wood Brigid Cross (pictured above) which is a special & unique handcraft which i make each year... but also a wire wrapped Brigid Cross made by Dana- an Etsyan who approached me some weeks ago wanting some apple wood to make her own cross. Both these crosses share a passion of celebrating Brigid- an ancient triple celtic Goddess who still draws dedication from many of us today. For more information about my Brigid Crosses, please click here.

Dana's wire wrapped Brigid Cross

You can view an Etsy Treasury created this morning- called Imbolc by clicking here or scrolling down to the previous post on this blog.

I'd also like to share the lyrics to a song called: Brigid of The Highlands- written by Helen Farias and Craig Olson and set to a traditional celtic tune called Brigid O'Malley.


Oh Brigid Upon the Highland,

'tis you've left my heart shaken,

with joyous adoration

as before you I stand.

'Tis wonders of admiration

your quiet face has taken,

and your beauty can awaken

the ones of the Golden Land.

Oh the white moon above the pale sands,

the pale stars above the thorn tree,

are cold beside my darling

but no purer than she.

I gaze upon the cold moon

'til stars drown in the warm seas,

and the bright eyes of my Darling,

are ever on me.

Oh Brigid of the Mantle,

sweet nectar from the bees, now.

My heart is thrown open,

my heartbreak is healed.

Oh, joy springs forth within me,

as apple blossoms on the trees, now.

Forever will I love thee

in green Avalon fields.

Oh Brigid Upon the Highland,

'tis you've left my heart shaken,

with fires of inspiration,

and the Promise of Spring.

Please stay with me, my darling,

to never be forsaken.

Of your beauty and mystery

I ever shall sing.

Of your beauty and mystery

I ever shall sing.

Credits go to Big Sky High Winds,
released on the 15 August, 2006.

Listen to this beautiful song...
(you'll have to pause the blog's usual music all the way at the bottom)


  1. What a beautiful melody! I love celtic music and all the folklore that surrounds it.

  2. Love the music.....very soothing....I've always loved Celtic music


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