Thursday, October 20, 2011

Introducing Primitive Heart, a new Brizel Silk Tapestry Art Box

Introducing a new
Silk Tapestry Art Box

Brizel Handcrafts presents Primitive Heart, a handmade round Silk Tapestry Art Box made from upcycled silk sari yarns... makes a unique love theme keepsake and the perfect nest to store something romantic !

Primitive Heart is a divine soft fiber arts container featuring two silk sari yarns... a hand dyed deep red silk sari yarn paired with multicolored silk sari threads of white, red & black. It has a lid of its own which is embellished with a red glazed heart button made of river clay.

Aint love grand ? Why, just gazing upon this awesome heart makes it so. Primitive Heart is like a love nest... it awaits a timeless love note to be placed in its special care. Or perhaps a dried flower that needs to be eternally safeguarded ?

This unique Brizel Silk Tapestry Art Box measures approx 3 1/2" in diameter x 2 1/2" high with an interior box of 2" in diameter x 2 1/4" high. Its raw silk weight is roughly 2.3 oz (64g).

Once sold, 10% of all Silk Tapestry Art Boxes

benefit Team EFA's Charity of the Month.

is available for purchase
in my animal fund raising shop

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