Monday, December 21, 2009

SOLSTiCE and WiNTER is upon us !

There's nothing like...
a bonfire to celebrate a fire festival !

Its Winter Solstice and I began the bonfire a couple of hours before the climax... three times i re-stacked the large pile and the well pleased Sun put His hat on to thank us for the offering.

There's a tradition here at Twilight... On the eve of Solstice, the trees in the Winter Spiral are adorned with ornaments... They were handmade by me using heavy gauge copper wire and large decorative crackled marbles.

The marbles 'charge up' during the summer months when the sun is at His peak and then radiate out their energy in the fallow months. Apart from being festive, their primary symbolic function is to encourage the Sun to rebirth and provide us with another year of warmth and light.

Red and triangular shapes represent the element of Fire.

Dark blue & the Moon represents the water element.

Green and square shapes represent the element of Earth.

Light blue & Star represents the air element.

"White the sheep that gave the wool
Green the pastures where they fed
Blue and scarlet side by side
Bless the warp and bless the thread

May the charm of lasting life
Be upon your flocks in full
From the hill where they rest
May they rise both whole and well

Bless the man who wears this cloth
May he wounded never be
From the bitter cold and frost
May this cloth protection be

Now is walked the web we spun
Winter storms may rage in vain
Bless the work by which we won
Comfort from the wind and rain"

(old Scottish waulking song adapted by Susan McKeown)


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