Sunday, September 27, 2009

BUTTON DiARiES... customer creations

I'm so excited to be starting the very first Brizel Supplies BUTTON DiARY :)

Enthusiastic button customers are beginning to send me pictures of products they are creating with buttons they have purchased from Brizel Supplies. My excitement, therefore, stems with the concept of creating a Button Diary on this blog showing off some of those items.

Lorraine, aka Etsy shop Pondhopper, bought these lovely buttons:

And embellished some spectacular handmade bridal spats with them:

"A white flocked upholstery fabric is scattered with aurora borealis waffle sequins and trimmed with tiny cotton eyelet lace. Closes with vintage, silver-rimmed white buttons at the side and finished with marabou feathers around the top."

Lorraine's profile reads:

"I am especially captivated by mediums where I can guide the materials, but not dictate the final outcome so that each piece is truly unique. I love the surprises that come from materials that have a story and a life of their own.

My items include salvaged and sustainable materials and I am constantly searching for ephemera and fabrics looking for a second chance: from gently softened and faded everyday cottons to vintage brocades, velvets, laces and trims infused with nostalgic whispers; from retro fabrics and modern day plastics full of attitude to lost trinkets that hold untold stories in their aged patinas; from light as air silks permeated with romance to wool roving harvested from well-loved sheep with names! Each piece created evolves from this multitude of sustainable fibres, rescued materials and lingering histories."

Click HERE to visit her shop.

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