Thursday, April 9, 2009


Welcome to my first blog...

home to Brizel Handcrafts, Brizel Supplies, Twilight and anything else to do with me... Nicole, Hazel, Brizel or Goldenhr !

a brief WHO'S WHO index

Brizel Handcrafts is the name of my handcrafts business- its current home is on; Brizel Supplies is the name of my handcraft supply store- its current home is also on; and Goldenhr is my Ebay handle... where I used to have a store.

Twilight is the name of my property; Nicole is the name that my father gave me when I was born; Hazel is a rebirth name that I choose for myself when I finally found my spiritual path; and Brizel is a combination of Brigit and Hazel...

Tune in for a recap of some of my exciting adventures- past, present and future and feel free to sign up and become a 'follower'... being a Brizel 'follower' means that you can post comments to my blog :)

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